5. It was cool cause it made me clean out my freezer, fridge and pantry lol. 01/21/15 | Nutrisystem. … Read more Nutrisystem- Week 1 – Recap & Review MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you're not satisfied with your first order, call 1-800-727-8046 and send the remaining food back for a full refund, less shipping. It’s the first week of the month-long Turbo 13 program, during which the goals is to lose 13+ pounds. Our weigh-in this week did not yield anywhere near the kind of results that we saw last week after Turbo Takeoff, but that is to be expected. I received my Nutrisystem packages earlier this week and boy is it alot of food!!! “The Nutrisystem® program is based on the proven science of the Glycemic Index and places a premium on heart healthy menu items because it is low in fat, low in saturated fats, low in cholesterol, and has zero trans fat.” – Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Nutrisystem. There were moments where … (18 pounds for men) There are two reasons Nutrisystem has you hit the … July 13, 2014. Let me tell you, it can be a rough time. *As part of a healthy diet and exercise program. It lets you cut your calories as you get used to the prepackaged foods to help you start losing weight. It was a really hard, but really rewarding week with 10 pounds lost using their Fast 5 program! Pretty awesome right!? That Turbo Week is no joke. It’s a specially prepared selection of meals, foods, and snacks for your first week that help you lose weight and burn fat. I'm sure every week will not be as successful, but who knows? The six meals and snacks add up to between 1200-1500 calories per day for a gradual weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week for both women and men, all for about $10-12 per day. I survived my first week on Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem entree; 1 cup cooked broccoli; 1/4 parmesan cheese (grated) 1/2 cup cooked quinoa; Mid-Afternoon Snack: Apple; 2 Tbsp cashews; Dinner: Nutrisystem entree; 1 cup cooked green beans ; 1 whole wheat pita pocket; 2 oz luncheon meat; Dessert: Nutrisystem snack; Jeff’s daily intake is very similar … See more ideas about Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem recipes, Nutrisystem diet. I'm seeing results already! Body Reboot Week: How Much Weight Loss? Finished week One with minimal slippage. Includes specially selected meals, snacks and shakes each day (first order only). April 17, 2017 By Shanna 2 Comments. 3\. Week two was easier than week one. Plus, free Continental U.S. shipping on all 4-week plan orders. Good on new 4-week … Nutrisystem Week 5 Check In- What’s in the Box? Nutrisystem Week 2 Check-in: Getting in the Groove . Oct 20, 2012 - Now that we've completed week 1, I thought I'd give you an idea of what to expect when you start Nutrisystem. Id love to be able to lose 30 lbs and get into a new Easter outfit … Last week I lost 6 lbs in just my first week! OK. Instead, they present it as the most important part of the first two months in which they claim you can lose 18 pounds and 10 inches.. A study concluded that the average weight loss during the first two months of Nutrisystem … Close Menu. Several of these will be frozen meals or shakes provided by Nutrisystem. See more ideas about nutrisystem, nutrisystem diet, nutrisystem recipes. This mix of foods is supposed to assist in a jumpstart of your bodyweight loss efforts. Week 2. First impressions- The packaging was great. 4. Does It Work? I will admit to you that most of the week… I received a full months worth (28 days) of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert!!! It’s the first week of the month-long Turbo 13 program, during which the goals is to lose 13+ … *As part of a healthy diet and exercise program. Aug 20, 2020 - Explore Party b's board "Nutrisystem" on Pinterest. There are 3 meal plan levels including: BASIC , CORE, and Uniquely Yours; the main difference being that you’ll pay more for increased variety of food. I hope so. However, you can repeat the 4-week program as many times as you would like.